Monday, December 25, 2006

Aunty Ki Chudai

I'm Rahul . I've read stories on the stories regarding different experience on sex encounters. I would certainly like disclose my experience to you all. And lat me tell u this is a real story happened last year First about myself I'm 6'1 tall in height, fair, athletic body, I'm a National Level Athlete. a Middle class boy from Mumbai. This happened to me when I was in my S.Y.Bsc. There was a Bhabhi in our area she She was know as sharma Bhabhi, dam hot I should tell infact she was a sex goddess. I use to always dream of her & masturbate.
Let me tell about her figure She was 6 ft tall with round ass & tight d size breast her husband was a drunker & had lost his senses She had 2 kids. Now the real thing. As she use to live on the same building which I use to, but on the 1st floor & me on the 2nd floor so whenever I use to come do for any work I use to think I at all that door would had been open I would have been in 7th wonder but only in my vain. Mrs. Sharma use to come to our place frequently & I just use to stared at her all the time once she caught me while I was having a glimpse of her boobs from her deep cut blouse & she told nothing but stared at me & went away . Now I was worried that if at all she tells to my parents than I will be in to big trouble so that very day I took a chance I went to her place to apologize to her .
I went knocked her door the door was open Mrs Sharma was sitting on the sofa as if she was waiting for me as soon as I entered she stared at me I got scared but started to apologies to her but she got up & went into another room I followed her saying I'm sorry I was just …… & so on but she was busy doing her work & just ignored me & I left with fright in me for few .Now the next day went she came to my place to show her new dress but as on one was there at my place except me I invited her I thought this is my best chance to apologies to her but she came & gave me a big smile I said that there is no one in the house every one is gone out for wedding she told that "I know that threes no one that is why I came" .
I thought what was this bitch up to she came & sat near me & said that she felt really bad that she did not response when I came to apologize & she said she did not mind if I saw her in other sense & started crying now hearing this my ears went deaf but she was crying so I gathered courage & I hold her from her shoulders & said what is the matter she said the she was depressed form her husband I asked y what's happened she told me that your uncle comes late every night he's drunken he beats me up then she paused for a while & suddenly said we've been not having sex since last 7 months & I cant stay with out it and again she paused now I thought this was my chance to loose my virginity but was afraid & suddenly she said Rahul can u help me & put her hand on my thighs (I was wearing short pant) suddenly I got errection & started to adjust my tool but sharma aunty hold my hand & she carcassed my dick it was a sight of pleasure she says that she knew from beginning that Use to watch her & she wanted to have sex with me & than said that your uncle is not going to return form work for 2 days so u came come tonight we can have fun I than holded her & gave her a smooch than she said I'll make my kids sleep early tonight & wait for u come by 10.00 pm sharp I'll wait & she felt with a naughty smile now the whole day I kept thinking of her. When my family returned form the wedding in the evening I told them that I'll be going to my friends place tonight cause next week I'm having my class test so I'll be spending a night or two at his place studying .
Now the time came I was waiting for at 9.30 I went down to my areas video library & brought 2 nude films & after a while sharp at 10.00 pm I went to my building at Mrs sharmas place I rang the bell she opened the door she was in a blue silk saree with sleeveless blouse she asked me to come in and asked what was in my hand I told nude films she told WOW its been long since I seen such films before my marriage I use to see it with my boyfriend I told in my mind this bitch is far more ahead than I had thought. She asked me to sit on the sofa & told that she left her kids at her in laws place who stays at near by building & than she told we will not need this cds to view I told y she replied I'm an experienced woman I told ok & she came & sat next to me I was feeling the warmth of her body her looks were increasing my sex desire than she said Rahul tum ne Kabhi sex kiya hai I sad no than she said ok I'll begin than she got up & removed the pallo of here saree I was shocked to see the big boobs that were still tight as 19 yr girl I got up holded her & started smooching her she took my hand & placed it on her breast I started pressing them one by one she was moaning aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Oooooooyyeeeesssssssss Rahul do that I need that yes do it Chod dalo apni aunty ko aaj her words were increasing sex appeal in me than I removed her saree than she came & removed my shirt & my pant & than my underwear she so happy to see such a big cock she sad Rahul tera lund kitne inch ka hai.
I said aunty 61/2 ka hai than she took my dick in her mouth & started with blow jobs I was in 7th wonder I lasted for some half an hour than she got up & sai apni aunty ki chut nahi chate ga I said hai kyu hani than I removed her remaining cloths now she was naked in front of me so was I than we went to her bed room she laid on the bed with legs wide open & clean pussy than I saked kay aaj hi chut ke baal shave kar dale she said yes sirf thumhare liye I said aaj mere lund ki tamana puri hogi she said jaldi meri chut mein se paani nekalo than I started licking her pussy for 20min I didi so than sais aunty mujhe aapki gand marni hai she turned and said maro maro I than took my cidk & slowly started inserting it in her ass hole she first did not morn but as I increased my speed she was morning like a bitch aaaaaaaaaa oooooooo Rrrrrrrr aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhuuuuulllll jor se meri gaand fard de but it was too tight I was also into pain I did satisfy her in ass fucking then when I finished fucking her ass she said r u not tired u almost fucked my ass for 1 hr I'm tired I said aunty I'm an athlete I can run 1500 mtrs in less than 31/2 min I have stamina to fuck I woman six to seven times in a day she said ok than lets she how many times u can fuck me tonight she than said aaja chod muje dal de meri chut mein shen parted her legs & gently I pushed in her she started to moan I said kya dard ho raha hay she said your dick is long & so thick that it will tear any womans pussy u fuck & I started to give her gentle blow after some time I increased my pace & she was moaning like a hell after some time probably 30 min I ejaculated than she said its only one time I'm not tired r u I said no & gain fucked her In doggy style for 2 hrs she was tired but I was not than again I fucked here in standing position she was crying in pain after I finished the 3rd tome she said Rahul u look thin but even an healthy person cannot satisfy any woman like u now form today onwards u r going to fuck me every day .Once I fucked her 7 times in 2 hrs .
This went on for 2 months but now she has left & shifted her residence to Punjab I feel lonely & I'm starving for sex so if at all any bahbhi needs sex for any girl wants to satisfy herself & if that Bhabhi / girl stays in mumbai she can mail me at I'll satisfy them for free .